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Every week I, tiger_melanie will give you a theme. It may be something to do with colour, pencil, a specific item, anything, but you will have to create something with that theme (if you want to obviously ;D)

If you don't like the theme you don't have to participate, but I encourage everyone to participate & help your art skills grow

New themes will be assigned every Sunday. If someone has an idea they'd like to see as a theme, please feel free to post a comment, & I'll put it on the list :) I'll try not to repeat themes, but I can't make any promises (although if I do repeat, it'll be a theme that has a lot of potential)

If you want to share what you've drawn for the theme-week, please feel free! Post it in the comments of the original theme post please! But it isn't necessary, so if you don't like sharing your art, don't worry :)
Also, if you want to share your art, please only share the weekly theme related stuff, as there are plenty of communities already dedicated to general art :)